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Printer Ink

Ink and Toner

Cartridge Emporium has what your printer needs

No matter the brand of your printer, Cartridge Emporium will have or can get the ink or toner you need.

Certain brands and ink cartridges can be refilled, saving you money, also causing less landfill making it a better enviromental option for every one.

We know that when the ink or toner runs out in your work/office printer, work stops. The simple printer is one of the most utilised and important pieces of equipment you own. We can keep it supplied with ink or toner, so your productivity at work or in the office doesn’t slow down.

IT Solutions

Computer, Tablet and Phone repair

Cartridge Emporium has your IT solutions here. We can repair a broken device. Be it your Laptop, Desktop computer, tablet or Mobile Phone.

There is no need to buy a new IT device when you break your device. Have it looked at first, Save yourself money, and heart ache.

We have experiance in all Apple IPhones, repairing broken screens, replaceing batteries, fixing home buttons and charging ports.

We can fix ALL models of phones. Samsung, Google Pixel, Oppo, Huawei and many other models.

We can repair all IPads, and also many other differnt models of tablets.

Laptop screens, hard drive replacements, batteries for your laptops.

It doesn’t matter the type of IT device you have, we will fix it for you, or explain in plain english why it is un repairable.


IT Solutions
Printer Repair

Printer Repair

When your Printer stops working, bring it to us

The humble printer, makes your life so much more conveniant, until it breaks and stops working.

Many things can and do go wrong on printers. From print heads drying out, to paper jams, mechanical issues, and main board problems. There are many things that can break.

A good printer is not a cheap device. And you shouldn’t have to always buy a new one when they break. Be it an Ink printer or a Laser printer, we will diagnose the problem and working with you, come up with the best solution for you.

If by some chance it can not be repaired. Depending on what you use your printer for, we will help you choose an effective replacement for yourself or your business. Making the replacement of your printer less hassle for you.

Our Specialties

Ink or Toner, Printer repair on new printers. IT device repair.

We have all the IT Solutions

Ink Replacement

Toner Replacement

Apple IPhone repair

Apple IPad repair

All Mobile phone Repair

Laptop and Computer repair

Printer repair

Printer sales