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Get your printer repaired at Cartridge Emporium. We have over 20 years combined experience, with resources that we can call on from all different brands of printers. You can get your printer repair in store, or, if need be, we can come to you and do a printer service.

Printer Repair that you can afford!

Printer repair can be a nasty business. Something that should be simple, can be so complicated. At Cartridge Emporium we excel at printer repair. If we can not fix it, your printer cannot be repaired.


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Critical steps to take when you get your printer repair done at Cartridge Emporium

When we repair your printer, we like to have any spare cartridges you might have. This will save you money. When repairing a printer and we need more ink/toner, we will open up a new one and carry the charge through to you. If you have a spare cartridge, this will not happen.

You do not need to bring in your power cord for your printer. We have plenty here.

If there is an error code on your printer, or it crinkles or burn pages, tell us. Or even better show us the paper, as it will help to get a resolution more quickly

Brother printers

Canon printers

Epson printers

Lexmark printers

Oki printers


Cheat sheet to make your printer last longer

Printers are finicky machines. Simple to use, simple to set up, easy to break.

Try not to let Ink printers sit in the sun to long. Ink will evaporate. Causing print heads to not print properly resulting in missing lines along your page.

Do not run your ink dry. This will also cause problems as it will cause air in the lines. Creating lines once again across your page.

If you try pulling out a paper jam, pull in the direction that the paper normally travels. Rollers like spinning the way they were meant to. There are simple solutions to printer jams. Check out some of these office hacks.

If you have any questions you can contact us and we will get back to you ASAP


What People Are Saying

I recently took my Brother printer down to the guys at Cartridge Emporium. They repaired it quickly and for a cheep price. I highly recommend Cartridge Emporium for any printer repair you might need

Millie-Rose Frye

My company always gets there printer service from Cartridge Emporium. They give me good prices, and treat me fairly, always telling me exactly what the cost is and why.

Blade Culvert

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