My printer wont print in black when it runs out of colour. How to save money and Ink.

Printer Issues

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Lets have a look at printers, and why they use coloured ink/toner when you only want to print in black.

We have all been there, need to print or photo copy a document, the document only has black writing on it, there is no colour, but your printer will tell you it can not print without you replacing the yellow cartridge.

Now  you are in for a trip to the shops to get a yellow cartridge for , just so you can print in black. Why? Well there is a couple of reasons why.

When you hear your printer start up, you hear the ink cartridge move back and forwards in the printer. This is the carriage that moves. It is making sure that all the parts work. Most importantly, that there is ink to be used. Your printer spits out a little ink from each cartridge into the ink absorber. If just one of those cartridges do not work, then your printer will think that there is a problem and just not work from that point on.

You notice this is before you even try to print or copy something. Right at the very start of the operation, the printer realizes that something is wrong, and stops all processes aligned with printing from then on.

What can we do about this?

Well try to have spare ink cartridges around. This is a quick and obvious fix. Your printer needs new ink, so give it some. Do not wait until the cartridge is completley dry. It is detrimental to your printer to not replace ink as soon as you can. This can lead to a dried out print head, which means you might need to replace the whole print head, or worse, your printer.

To make black ink last longer try changing the font of your word program. Garamond is a good font to use to get the most out of your ink. You can also print in grey scale, which is simply printing using your black ink cartridge to produce print that is a combination of grey tones between black and white only.  This will make your colour ink last longer. Though you will still use a little colour ink when you turn the printer on, as the printer checks ALL the cartridges work.

You can also print in “draft mode”. Go to your printer properties, and you will probably find different choices under the heading “Paper/Quality” that will allow you to select draft printing. Your document will print in a lower resolution, which is fine for most documents until you get to the presentation document that you need.

Its about making the most out of what you have. If you can do that, your printer and your ink will last longer, saving you money.

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