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Best price Mobile phone repair shop- Sunshine Coast

At Cartridge Emporium, we can do best price mobile phone repairs on all types of different brands and models. Weather you have a broken screen, a battery that is running flat quickly, or needs constant recharging, or a new home button. At Cartridge Emporium we are the phone repair shop that you need.

Fast Screen Repair

All models phone repair

Data Recovery

Phone Repair & Troubleshooting

No matter the brand of your device. Be it Apple, Samsung, Oppo or any brand of Mobile Phone that you have. We here will find the problem and repair it at the best price for you.

Our trained technicians have over 15 years experience mobile phone repair. They have seen it all.

Bring your phone into us, for the best phone repair, or, call us.

Data Management Mobile

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

In today’s connected world, it is easy to access any site from anywhere at any time. It is also easy to access wrong sites at any time, from anywhere.

We here at Cartridge Emporium and IT can help you with managing your data, either on your phone or your computer or tablet. Making sure it is backed up and recoverable. Keeping your precious data safe.

We can help business ensure the security of their virtual presence, by allowing access to sites that are safe, making sure you comply with any regulations.



What People Are Saying

I got my Samsung S10 repaired at Cartridge Emporium. They fixed my phone quickly and with a great price. I would highly recommend then to anyone.

Chryssa Abe

I have a Google Pixel 4. The prices I got every where else to fix screen made me just want to buy a new phone instead. Cartridge Emporium had the cheapest price, and the quality of work was excellent.

Jaden Woodrow

I thought I had lost all my Pictures off my phone. Not only did Geoff retrieve them all. He also showed me how to backup my phone so I will never have to worry about losing my precious memories again.

Laurence Herbertson

Geoff at Cartridge Emporium replaced the battery in my daughters Iphone 6S. He then cleaned the phone and made it look brand new. My daughter was so happy.

Jeanna Paxton

I smashed my IPhone 7. Thought it was broken forever. Geoff repaired the screen and put a screen protector on for me. Couldn’t thank him enough.

Irene Mondy

My phone was fixed fast and at a good price. The service was friendly and courteous. I highly recommend Cartridge Emporium when you need your phone fixed.

Jason Ingham

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