“Let your Printer

Talk to you”


Knowledge is Power.

90% of all printers will give you a report on themselves. They want you to know what is happening. This knowledge can extend the life of your printer. Can stop simple parts from breaking. And will save you money.

When we receive a printer to be repaired, the first thing we try to do is print a report. If the printer does print the report, that already lets you know information about your printer. What report you print is dependent on the issues you have with your printer. Weather it is a network issue, colour issue or any number of other issues that go wrong with your printer.

The more expensive your printer, usually the more detailed the reports they give you. Knowing this information lets you diagnose your printer. Is the fuser near the end of its life? Maybe you need new pickup rollers for your printer. How many pages has your printer printed in total? How many in colour and how many in black and white. How many times have you used your scanner? How many times was your scanner used to photocopy or to scan into your computer?

Getting reports from your printer is usually quite easy. As in the Brother MFC 9140CDN model. It is just a couple of steps.

Step 1. Touch the “tool” icon on your display

Step 2. Touch the “all settings” icon

Step 3. Scroll down to print reports and press “print reports”

Step 4. Touch the relevant report that you want printed. In this instance I will press the “user settings” reports

Step 5. Press “OK” to print.

Your printer will print out a report.

This report gave me the serial number of the machine. Its IP address in our local network. The amount of life left in the drums and toner plus the belt, fuser and pick up rollers as a bar graph. Very easy to see what is empty and near full. Also, total pages printed in black and white and colour and total overall. Weather they were standard toners or high yield toners.

And this was just one of many different reports that I could have printed with this printer. I could have gotten reports about the fax, or different parts in the printer. As a repair person for printers, all this information is gold. It tells us where to look for the problem and gives us a potential way to fix the printer.

I started this off saying “knowledge is power”. And it is. You can print these reports off, and knowing what is happening with your printer, either prevent future problems from happening, or know why something is happening, so you can fix it yourself. That knowledge has now saved you money.



If you want to print reports from your printer, but do not know how to, that’s ok. Click Here, fill out your contact details and more importantly tell us the make and model of your printer, and what information you are after. If your printer does give you reports, and over 90% do, we will send you a step-by-step instruction on how to get those reports you need. If you need, you can then either scan that report, or take a picture of it, then send it back to us, then we will tell you what it is saying to you.

Remember, printers are just another machine, like your car. If you look after it, know what is going on with it. It will work longer for you. Saving you money. Making your life in this busy world, just a little bit easier.