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At Cartridge Emporium and IT, computer and tablet repair is our thing!. No matter what the brand, you will find our prices cheaper, and our service more friendly than any one else. Call us, or come in and speak to the friendly staff. We will find the solution to your I.T. issue.


Computer and Tablet repair is What We Do

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Is your computer broken? Is it just running rough? No matter what the problem we will find it and repair it. If we can not repair it, we will give you options about your next step.


Virus and Spyware Removal

Like all of us, our computers can get sick as well. Though virus’s and spyware on your computer can also hurt you finacially as well. We will reomove virus’s and spyware, and set up a strong protection for you and your PC.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

We can also recover lost data. On either a phone or a computer or tablet. Most of the time. Sometimes data is just lost, so we can offer a backup plan for you. Or set you up so you can be in charge of your own backup. Backing up your PC will insure those Pictures or documents or whatever you need backed up, will not be lost to you forever.

Network Design

Many business’s and some homes, have overly complex networks. We can workout the best way for your network to bet set up. Giving you reliable and safe access to the internet and reliable and safe communications between your IT devices.

Cloud Services

The cloud is not a mystery to be avoided. It can help you secure your files, and give you access to them from just about anywhere. We will help you set up cloud accounts with the provider of your choice, and show you how to use it comfortably.

Cyber Security

Our of all the types of computer work and repair we can do for you. This might be the most important. We will help you keeping your digital life secure, only allowing what you want others to see. Being able to feel safe while online shopping, or, selling online.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting giving you the best computer and tablet repair

Need someone to organise all of your IT. From setting it up, to all your computer and tablet repair. Making sure you get good life cycle management on all your devices. Keeping up with the latest in Cyber Security.

At Cartridge Emporium and IT, we can deliver this for you. Putting all your IT world into a safe and secure basket, easy for you to understand, and for you to take advantage of the wonders of the digital world.

Five Spheres. One Mission.

To apply a friendly and informative service  for all computer and tablet repair offering environmentally friendly options to all our customers, improving consumer knowledge and our environment.

100% service for computer and tablet repair, supply and satisfaction guaranteed to all personal and business customers in our area.







What People Are Saying

Great service with great prices. The guys at Cartridge Emporium and IT saved my business with there expertise in networks, making it easy for me to get everyone that works for me to work from home.

Travis Arabella

I tool my Mac book into get repaired, and it was back to me in 2 days. It needed alot of work, and the staff at Cartridge Emporium did it fast and cheap.

Haley King

Geoff came in and repaired our computers quickly and with a smile. My company will always use Geoff from Cartridge Emporium and IT from now on.

Neal Rickey

Geoff fixed my daughters laptop for school in a couple of hours. It was just a software issue, which he explained to my daughter so she could fix it next time. Great service!

Jacinda Toria

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